Day in the life of a culinary student

Create a mental hybrid of Alton Brown meets any Emergency Room in the center of Kitchen Stadium with the smells of your favorite restaurant (on a good day) and finish with a dash of reality TV… and you’ve got a day in my life. And I love it all!

Our incredibly talented Chef Instructor begins the seven hour day with a brief overview of our menu, game plan to get from start to finish, and demos of new techniques. Then the organized chaos unfolds: eleven students- most of whom fortunately have more prior profession kitchen experience than I- turn well-stocked pantries and fridges into a multi-course fully-plated meal.

Three hours in a medical lecture- excruciating. Three hours on my bike- fantastic! Three hours in this kitchen- gone ridiculously fast! Clock is ticking, tension is building, and somehow everyone pulls together: time is up. Eat. One by one critiques of every color, every texture, every flavor. My carrot soup was too thick, but the chicken was finally spot on; my hollandaise broke on the first try. The second was a winner. And all I can think is how much I love what I’m doing!

Full kitchen cleaning top to bottom, short break, and about an hour of lecture on food science: why we’re doing what we’re doing, how this applies to other foods, why our foods react the way they do.

No bell rings, but the day is done. And I’m becoming slightly less terrified.


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