Friday night laundry

Writing about how much I love Culinary School or posting a recipe is actually pretty easy. It’s safe. You may not love red chard and I’m alright with that. But writing about how I’m doing- how I’m really doing- outside of school and homework and exercise… that’s harder. Definitely not so safe.

It’s Friday night. And yes, I am single in a new, young, cool town. And I just finished washing my laundry. My excuse? There is only one washer and one dryer for twelve condos. That’s true. But what’s also true is that leaving friends and a familiar place to start over in a town where I know no one has been a heck of a lot tougher that I thought.

The hours in class, doing homework and sleeping are no problem. It’s during those other hours the dichotomy begins. Part of me loves feeling productive without having to think about anyone else. It even sounds horrible as I write it! Before classes started, I could literally get through an entire day without speaking to another human. For those of you that know me, that seems pretty darn hard to imagine.

But the other part of me, the much larger part that has just needed a little break, misses having those friends to chat with anytime. That person to sit with you when you’d like to go out for a drink. Or dinner. There are as many good restaurants in Boulder as there are hippies it seems like, and I have a huge list of places I want to try. I could go by myself. And eventually I will.

But tomorrow I’ll wake up happy that my laundry is already finished. And maybe I’ll give my living room a rest and walk to a coffee shop to study instead.


2 thoughts on “Friday night laundry

    • Hehe… cause I wanted to get a little bit of fun stuff on there before I told you about it. Glad you’re here. I miss you too. Lots!! Hi to Jon and your little skiers 🙂

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