Veggies 101: Roasting a Pepper

roasted red peppers in Farmers' Chicken

Roasted peppers pop up in many recipes- including the traditional Italian “Farmers’  Chicken” pictured- and they’re surprisingly easy to make. Peppers acquire a tender texture and more complex flavor in the few minutes it takes to roast. This method can be used for sweet red, green, yellow, and orange peppers as well as most hot peppers and chilies.

As always, when you’re working with hot peppers, wear gloves or be sure to wash your hands before touching any tender areas- eyes, lips, and I’m sure you can think of a few more.

  • If you have a gas range, first of all I have stove envy: my condo has good old electric coil burners. Second, it will be very easy for you to roast your peppers. Just hold the pepper with metal tongs directly over your open flame until the skin is black and charred on all sides.
  • If you don’t have an open flame you can get the same result by placing your pepper directly under the broiler in your oven. It may not get completely black, but it will roast just as well. This method’s also handy when you have multiple peppers to roast.
  • Carefully wrap the hot pepper in plastic wrap and the skin will partially loosen as the pepper cools.
  • Once your pepper is cool, the skin will be easier to remove, and the flesh of the pepper underneath will be softer with a more pronounced, deeper flavor.

Core and cut your pepper as needed for your recipe and enjoy an extra layer of roasted flavor.


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