Sugar coma

beautiful selection of a classmate's fruit tarts

To say that I lack appropriate restraint when it comes to sweets is an understatement of ridiculous proportions: I have no restraint at all. None. Which could definitely present a problem in the fall when full-time Pastry Arts training begins… but that is worry for another day. Tonight, the laptop screen stares back at me, and I can tell I’m falling into a glaze-eyed sugar coma.

Yesterday was a day of preparing pastry fillings and making doughs that had the luxury to rest overnight- doing all those wonderful flavor-enhancing, texture-setting things that foods do. Today brought on the baking of crusts, cutting of fruits, artful arrangements covered in perfect fruit tart glaze… and, of course, tasting! Could I have had one bite of lemon curd, one of pastry cream, and one of frangipane filling and given proper critique? Absolutley. Did I? Not on your life.

A few extra tarts were taken to the leftover fridge, a couple sent home with a visiting prospective student, and still a few managed to find their way into my car. I’ve saved out one for my neighbor, one for my landlord… and the rest are long gone. I can almost feel my pancreas in overdrive. Even the salty pop chips in between haven’t really done the trick.

But overall the day was a sugary success. Even the ‘non-bakers’ of the class put together beautifully presented fruit tarts, and- dare I say- almost seemed to have fun doing it. Not sure if I’ll stumble upon any additional will-power before tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure tonight my dreams will be sweet.


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