Caul fat

I’m two cups of coffee and a small serving of Indian rice pudding into my day and no tears have even threatened their salty presence. Indian rice pudding for breakfast? Absolutely. I experimented with risotto yesterday, and instead of the usual suspects- white wine, stock, parmesan- I opted for milk, sugar, golden raisins, vanilla and plenty of cardamom. Yum. Unusual for breakfast… maybe. But it has respectable amounts of protein and calcium, some grain carbs to get me through the day, and I suppose you could count the raisins as fruit. Actually, there were probably only five in my serving- that may be stretching it.

And yesterday was a scary day. Those days happen sometimes. Probably for most of us. I did not at all expect the myriad of encouraging comments, texts, Facebook posts, emails and calls… but I appreciated every single one. Definitely. And after a long phone conversation with a good friend this morning, I’d be amiss if I didn’t reassure that I am nowhere near meeting any DSM-IV criteria for depression, or any other diagnoses at the moment. Thankfully I’ve never been there before, and I definitely have no plans to venture there anytime soon. But I’m sure the scary moments will come and go as will tears. And that’s alright. Growth.

But this week there are more immediate contenders for my focus. Like duck confit, veal sweet breads and caul fat. Caul fat you ask? Yes, that was my burning question when first reading through my training syllabus a few months ago. And sweet bread is not at all the glorious combination of yeast-laden loaves and syrupy bliss its’ clever name might lead you to believe.

With an open mind and borderline terrified tastebud, I’m charging full speed ahead into this week’s adventures in the kitchen and life. And rest assured I’ll tell you exactly what I think of caul fat.


3 thoughts on “Caul fat

  1. Oooo… Sweet breads are definitely not bread! I’ve actually tried them too (being little I just assumed they were bread) ha ha, got a big shock many years later!!! Glad to hear things are on the onwards and upwards! 🙂

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