A week of breakfasts

Breakfast for me typically consists of a good cup of coffee, or several, and either a bowl of Oatmeal Squares cereal when time permits or one of my ridiculously large hoard of protein bars if I’m in a hurry.

Sure, there are the rare occasions when I have some homemade granola stashed in the pantry or I just feel like an egg white omelet… but generally breakfast has been a meal of convenience.

Until this week. Our focus in class will be breakfast cookery. I actually love to say the word ‘cookery.’ For some reason it sounds archaic- in a charming Julia Childs kind of way. Or a 1950’s housewife baking biscuits and homemade jam. But nostalgic phonetics aside, breakfast cookery it is!

Buckwheat pancakes with whipped egg whites folded into the batter- I’m anticipating the sure demise of Bisquick there. Crepes, various muffins and scones- I’ve been fascinated by scones ever since Starbucks lured me in with their Maple Oat Nut version years ago- biscuits, soufflés, english muffins… are all players in this week’s culinary game. And the opposition’s lineup taunts the favorites bacon, ham, sausage, variations on potatoes… and eggs any way you can imagine, and then some.

Should be a match worth following I think. So, if any particular players have caught your eye, let me know. I’ll try to provide the scoop on their secrets. And I’ve never poached an egg, and frankly don’t really feel comfortable with eggs at all. So rest assured an Egg Cookery 101 will be on the way soon. Just had to say it one more time. Cookery.

Finish your next cup of joe, or tea, and let the breakfast games begin 🙂


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