Even happy people look forward to the weekend

I firmly believe this is true. Strictly from a work perspective, I’m happier now than I have been in a long time- potentially ever. And technically school isn’t a job- there’s a net financial expenditure instead of income- but it’s close enough to argue the point.

aspic-coated chicken galantine

another aspic-coated galantine

Even though I love what I do each day- aspics and pates are fun- I’m pretty darn happy the weekend’s here. The weather has warmed and the Colorado sun is tempting spring. Some overdue outdoor exercise is on the non-negotiable weekend accomplishment list. As is laundry, which will be finished in exactly forty-five minutes. Plus folding time.

pate en croute

But the highlight will most likely be playing in deep black dirt. I love the smell of dirt.

gardens of past homes

Our Chef Instructor brought his heirloom seed collection in this week, and I’m now the proud owner of a diverse, Colorado-tested, free little assortment of tomatoes, herbs, salad greens, and broccoli seeds. One quick trip to McGukins for soil and seedling containers and I’m in business. Pink garden gloves- a slight deviation from my norm- and trowel are sitting on ready.

last year's tiny garden

And, as unusual as it seems, I also have social plans this weekend. Several weeks ago I finally met a friend of a friend. We’d only talked via text and wanted to chat in person, so we decided to make it to the same yoga practice. I was trying to figure out how we’d find each other in a class of forty people. My logical brain began to describe what I’d be wearing, the color of my yoga mat… and she informs me she looks just like a slightly chunky Tina Fey. I laughed aloud. I knew immediately I’d like her, and we found each other without disrupting anyone’s zen. So girl time and drinks are on the weekend menu as well, and that’s good.

Baking cookies, trying a new kale/polenta recipe, and finishing taxes will probably sneak their way in before Monday too. And by then, I’ll be ready to head back into the kitchen.

practice for midterm exam


4 thoughts on “Even happy people look forward to the weekend

  1. Amazing! The chicken galantine looks gorgeous, very Michelan worthy! The soups look so tasty and your leg cuts are perfectly french boned. Very inspiring! Can’t wait to see those heirloom seedlings growing too šŸ™‚

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