Everyone should eat mussels with Ramen noodles

Today will be short and sweet, and that is entirely because I have sweet neighbors. Though they’re not particularly short. They’re quite normally sized actually, and they love food as much as I do!

I planned to post today about a Pecchenino wine pairing dinner I was fortunate enough to enjoy last night at Frasca Food and Wine. I sat by myself- which was not nearly as difficult as I’d expected- and took notes on every flavor, aroma… every nuance of texture. In a little grey notebook. But the notes will still be here as I write tomorrow.

Today I’m grateful for the ‘little things’ that are sometimes huge. Like mussels to go with my dinner of Ramen. And friends when I sometimes feel alone. Yes, I do still eat Ramen: the twenty-cents-a-package kind.

And I made them tonight for several reasons. One, I feel slightly guilty over the cost of last night’s splurge (though worth every cent). Two, they’re quick and I still want to get my article finished. And third, I actually don’t mind them. Not too much anyway.

But the couple next door texted me just as I stirred the powdered packet of poultry into my boiling noodle bliss. They have mussels. Extra mussels. He’s starting them now- two whole pounds of them.

White wine, shallots, garlic, parsley… and perfectly executed bivalves. And of course some crusty bread for soaking. No expensive ticket, Italian winemaker or celebrity chef/sommelier. But another priceless dinner. And even better company.


10 thoughts on “Everyone should eat mussels with Ramen noodles

  1. I love both!!! Ramen are always in our house, the spicier the better 🙂 occasionally when I feel like making a nice dinner, (but little fuss) we’ll head up the road to our favourite fishmongers and get (either) pre picked crab claws or a vacuum pack of mussels!

    Ps can’t wait to read about your fancy meal/tasting yesterday!!!

    • Lol! That makes me feel better 🙂 I usually just eat them as they are, in all their glory. Will have the meal/tasting post up… maybe by the time you’re getting going for the day 🙂

    • So glad it was a good time! It would be hard not to be a winner with those wines 🙂 Was the San Luigi your favorite? What did you think of the 2005 Barolo? Btw, I reviewed the dinner in today’s post and referred people to you if they wanted more wine info since mine is less than stellar, lol 🙂

      • I thought the Barolo was a bit young and I could sense a little more oak influence in the wine than I find appealing. Orlando has not been making Barolo as long a Dolcetto so I know he will only improve over time. The San Luigi was showing the best on our evening; however, the Jermu would likely evolve into a better wine ultimately. Thank you for being so supportive and sending people my way. I will most certainly return the favor 🙂

        • Thank you, BA, for sharing wine knowledge with me. I know it takes extra time for you, but it is so helpful on my end. You rock 🙂 One last question (last for now…)- the Barolo a bit young- does this mean the grapes were picked earlier than you’d prefer, or the wine itself needs to age longer, not in oak?

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