Date-free social success

In addition to eating and drinking my way through copious amounts of wine and food the other night, it was a socially productive evening as well. No, I didn’t score a date with a single, tall, handsome, cycling foodie. Some of my close friends: I realize this may disappoint you. But it doesn’t disappoint me in the least- it was actually incredible to savor every bite, taking notes, being a geek all by myself.

Not sure if it was due to my note-taking throughout the meal, if I was mistaken for a real food writer, or if I just looked like I needed company… but whatever the case, Orlando Pecchenino came over to chat about his wines with me. And once he realized I was truly interested, he stayed.Β He gave me his card and brochures detailing the winery and vineyards in Dogliani of northwestern Italia dating back to the late 1700s- in his family the entire time.

He explained why the 2005 Barolo- the rave of the evening among most diners- actually wasn’t one of its better years due to colder temperatures than he prefers, and that I’d like the 2000 and 2007 years much better because they were warmer. The wines are more delicate and not quite as robust– I think this was the word his Italian brain was trying to retrieve. They’d be easier to drink without demanding a bold food for balance. It sounded good to me, and I could listen to a cute older Italian man talk all day.

The waitstaff was equally as attentive, and handled my questions in stride. I have a fear of beingΒ that guy who asks so many questions trying to appear knowledgable it becomes irritating. I think I pulled it off as I’m quite sure they didn’t mistake me as being too knowledgeable.

And it looks as if I might be on a decent track to learn more from Frasca’s talented team. I ended up being able to meet and chat with the chef of the evening about working with them for my stage- fancy food term for basically an internship- as part of my culinary training. Huge leap forward in my journey of food.

And so much better than scoring a date.


14 thoughts on “Date-free social success

  1. So much better than a date! You know if I lived in Boulder, I would of totally been your date! : ) So good to catch up today, miss you! Cook your big heart out!

    • Ha! You’re totally the exception to the date rule, Taya! It was great to catch up, and thank you so much for visiting me on here πŸ™‚ I’ll cook my big heart out as much as I can… and you can run off my calories πŸ˜‰

  2. There is a great tasting again tonight at Bella Bistro in Arvada. The wines of Ettore Germano (another innovative and wonderful producer from Piedmont).
    They are pouring 5 wines including their bubbly and Barolo πŸ™‚ Not sure the cost but we will be there at 7. You should check it out.

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