From the frying pan into the… Flatirons

Today has been nothing short of a stunning Colorado Saturday. And after a week of midterms- in the kitchen and the classroom- the sunshine didn’t have a hard time luring me on a hike in Boulder’s Flatiron mountains.

Several classmates were already planning to hike, so I joined them today. I’ve been relishing my solitary moments lately, but everything has a season. And company this weekend didn’t sound too bad.

Total kitchen time today: one hour. Can’t hike without homemade granola bars. And as I suspected, most other backpacks were filled with Guinness, so food was a legitimate addition.

Total hike time: about four hours, with leisurely, scenic stops along the way.

Enjoy Colorado beauty, look forward to the next kitchen adventure… and maybe pop open that Guinness now.


11 thoughts on “From the frying pan into the… Flatirons

  1. Looks like your hike was so nice and gorgeous! Bet it felt amazing to get out and enjoy the fresh air! I actually got my 9 mile run in this morning, perfect weather to run in. Enjoy your weekend! : )

    • Taya, that’s awesome! I’m impressed! What is the race date again? It did feel soooo good to be out- definitely perfect weather! You enjoy a (?mellow) Sunday 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I can’t believe how stunning the forests and rock faces are. Never visited the states so for me (looking at those images) is a on wonderful way to armchair travel, lol. The only thing is know is South Park is set in Colorado, it sure doesn’t look like that!

    I’ll be cracking open my Guiness around lunchtime 🙂

    • 😀 I’m so glad you ‘armchair travelled’ with me- I’ll have to post more of those things from time to time. South Park…lol… that might be the rest of this world’s view of CO 🙂
      Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying the Guinness!! Was able to score a new Irish whiskey stout at a local brewery in town this afternoon. Hit. The. Spot 🙂

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