Butter, flour, sugar, cream

This week in class: part two of Culinary students’ introduction to pastries. Most Chefs de Cuisine would much rather have nothing to do with pies and cookies, pastry creams, tarts, cakes, puff pastry, meringues, spun sugar… the list is endless. Truly mind boggling.

And most Pastry Chefs would be quite content without boning a chicken. Or fabricating a beef primal. I can understand both perspectives completely.

And I fall into the category of… well, I love it all. So when we take a break from our barnyard animals to bake sweets for the week, I’m still in hog heaven. Sorry. Couldn’t resist a small porcine tribute.

Fruit pies of apple and fresh berry, custard pies including pumpkin and key lime were the order of Monday.

We also made puff pastry dough from scratch- truly a labor of love. And ice creams, gelatos, sorbets and sherbets… classic chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, vanilla… and a lemon olive oil sorbet that feels like a frozen spherical form of all things summer. Ridiculously good.

And today will explore seven different cookies, more frozen confections, and the much anticipated making of croissant dough. Much anticipated by me at least. Not sure if everyone in class quite shares in my quest to create a croissant so perfect it will whisk me right back to an outdoor Italian cafe, cappuccino in hand. And perhaps a small knife to spread Nutella.

Now you understand the reason for my lunch consisting of nothing but kale yesterday. And today will be a slight variation of the same.

Will plan to soon share basic cookie trouble shooting techniques, a fool-proof pie crust recipe, and maybe some ice cream flavor profile inspirations. If there’s something specific you’d like to see, just let me know. If you’re wanting the warp-me-directly-to-Italy croissant… we’ll see what we can do.


11 thoughts on “Butter, flour, sugar, cream

    • absolutely Kirsten! How about I post it in the next day or two 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it!! We have a little more today so I’ll try to get a decent pic to go with it-

  1. Lemon and olive oil sorbet! Delicious!!! I love that flavour combo (so) it’d be interesting to taste what a (sweet and cold) profile would be like. I’m putting my hand up for crossaint dough! Have tried no fewer than three times, but all without success so far 😦

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    • That’s a big thank you coming from you 🙂 The ‘turtle’ pie didn’t actually contain any turtle… mixed fresh berries, orange zest and a hint of thyme. Thought you might appreciate, P&E 🙂

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