Croissants and soufflés and mousse, oh my

It’s Friday night, and this week in the kitchen has been sweet. The more food and art overlap the happier I seem to be. So pull up a chair, and a clean spoon, and dig in with me…

My first two attempts at plated desserts with chocolate and fruit purées… plates morph into canvases and brushes become parchment bags and squeeze bottles. Wildly fun!

Chocolate mousse: the deserving silky smooth centerpiece.

Croissants joined the party as a welcomed savory break… some filled with ham, spinach, and gruyere.

Guava soufflés and chocolate soufflés…

And no dessert is complete without ganache…

Hope you enjoyed this calorie-free dessert tour. I’ll be hitting the trails tomorrow for some hiking damage control. Not a bad deal at all actually.



18 thoughts on “Croissants and soufflés and mousse, oh my

    • You guys will be just fine. We’ll do as much or as little as you feel like; I’m a pretty mellow gal, promise! Except for races, but that’s different 😉 And with Juliet (and you) getting called in… we can meet for coffee and just play it by ear. Get some rest!

  1. That chocolate mousse looks amazing! Loving the decorative swirls with the mousse. Did you use an air gun with chocolate to get that velvet like texture??? Or is it just sifted?

    How amazing does that crossaint look too, so flaky and buttery, I can tell! 🙂

    • The mousse was ridiculously smooth and had such a rich chocolate flavor. No air guns here: believe it or not, I didn’t even use a mixer. Ganache, hand whipped yolks/sugar/rum and heavy cream also whipped by hand. I counted that as my shoulder and tricep workout… for my right side only 😉 The croissants were pretty good, but not perfect. I need to practice that one several more times. Darn 😉 SO wish I could share with you! And congrats on this frenzied week done!

      • Seriously! Your crossaints look amazing! I’ve tried three times but (I can tell you) they weren’t half as puffy as yours were! I need a rainy day so I can do some serious baking again, (like the kind where you make delicious rolls and bread when it takes all day!)

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