Food escape to Mexico

Originally I was planning to present this as a ‘south of the border’ post, as that automatically conjures the beauty and flavor of Mexico to mind for those of us in the United States.

But then I realized for so many of you that live in other amazing parts of our planet… I have absolutely no idea what ‘south of the border’ might mean to you! So I’ll play it safe… bring your own tequila and let’s head to Mexico.

Chicken mole with two different but authentic interpretations- one lighter and spice forward, the other deeper with bitter chocolate and pepper tones.

Spicy chicken tortilla soup… with house made corn tortillas and bright avocado lime garnish.

And no Wednesday is complete without a quick knife skills practical exam: concasse of tomato and small dice. Timers set… go! Concasse is a quick blanch and shock to enable easy skinning of the tomato, then the seeds and juice are removed and saved; the flesh is small diced into 1/4 in cubes. Whew… back to peppers…

Chiles rellenos with seasoned pork and queso stuffing and a perfect soft, spongy batter ready to absorb any sauce daring to come close. Brilliant execution of these guys today.

Fresh made- and surprisingly easy- flour tortillas deep fried and tossed in cinnamon sugar… squeeze bottle of local honey… and a respectable sopapilla was born.

Cheers to caliente cuisine. Margarita anyone?


27 thoughts on “Food escape to Mexico

    • A good tamale is a true labor of love! Had a friend suggest a ‘tamale party’ in which you enlist help, and everyone gets to take some home 😉 Sounds more fun than solo to me…

  1. I definitely need some tips on the rellenos. Yours look perfect! I can never roast and peel them without making too many holes. Do you roast and peel them first? Does your batter use egg whites? Help!

    • 🙂 We roasted them directly over the burner flame, and peeled them with a towel in hand. It seemed to work pretty well. The peels did turn pretty darn black. Yes! The batter is 12 yolks, 1 oz flour, 1 oz water and pinch of salt- beaten. The 12 whites are whipped to soft peaks and folded in. You’re so cute… I think you should show up with rellenos for Thanksgiving next year 😉

  2. Another brilliant post and definitely some of my favorites, which (I can never seem to replicate) at home. Your chicken mole looks incredible, put me down for a chocolate one (lol) and being the chilli fiend I am, the rellenos look exactly like the kinda food I want (after a pub crawl,otherwise known as Easter Sunday!) I’ve never heard, let alone tried these before, Australia seems to be about Tacos, Burrito, Quasedilla & Nachos. I’ve never seen Tortilla soup either?

    May I also add, that your concasse is perfect! seriously, so precise and not (mushy like mine) when I blanch the tomatoes too long, (heh). As a home cook yes no problem, but my knife skills leave a lot to be desired as a chef.

    • Really might have to join you for an Easter pub crawl complete with rellenos one of these years 🙂 What a mix!
      Ive sure had an overdone concasse (or several) before. Not perfect small dice, but with the time limit I was happy enough with it. I’m sure yours would look even better… I see your attention to detail, giaff! You can’t fool me for an instant, ha 😀

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