I tried to ‘mise en place’ my Sunday

Today was a bit of an experiment of sorts. You see, if you’ve gotten the impression- either from knowing me in person or from journeying with Terrified Tastebud- that I’m meticulously organized, detail-oriented, goal-driven… you’re mostly right. Often for better; occasionally for worse. However, if you envision me as the epitome of efficiency and balance in the kitchen or life in general, then you’re dead wrong.

In the kitchen, the French term mise en place translates into “everything in place” or “put in place” and it refers to all the preparation and organization that must be achieved before actual production can begin. Picture your favorite Food Network set with everything imaginable already measured, diced, washed, trimmed… whisk right under the counter just where and when you need it. You get the idea.

first buds on my Urban Columnar Tangy Green apple tree

So why not try that with any random day? Today began with a tease of intermittent sunshine- hence photos of my patio flowers- that quickly turned into a bipolar mix of rain and hail, snow, sleet… and more sunshine.

Knowing this impending forecast, I organized a productive day of writing, studying for my every-Monday exam, baking bread for a week of breakfasts, revamping my budget (happy tax day, by the way), organizing the towering stack of mail/recipes/photos that’s been loing on my bar, catching up on emails… all those things that would be nice to accomplish on a rainy day.

dwarf sugar peas, happy in the morning sunshine

And the verdict at the end of the day? About three-fourths of it has been completed… fairly close to what I’m guessing is average for me. Perhaps I’ll try to be more specific with my mise en place next time- include time frames for each item instead of just a priority order. Organization has markedly improved my work in the kitchen, so I’m not quite ready to give up on mise-ing the rest of my life just yet. Maybe I’ll try to mise en place my Sunday again soon.

single red tulip that made its way trough my ground cover

But for the rest of tonight, I’ll enjoy the single red tulip I rescued from the hail as I study.


14 thoughts on “I tried to ‘mise en place’ my Sunday

  1. Oh Deb,
    This one made me laugh a little. I just realized how well I really do know you! The lists….the not getting it all done…the enjoying flowers, rain/sleet….. : ) Sounds like it was a great Sunday, one to be enjoyed again!

    • Sweet Taya! You truly do know the real me and still call me friend… 😀 Tank you! Maybe because we are so much alike… except that you actually accomplish what you plan… in LESS time than you think, haha! I really did laugh aloud at your comment 😉

  2. People that take “mise en place” out of the kitchen scare me.
    Mise en place is about specific expectations, and having vague, but positive, expectations in the rest of life, I think, is a good way to go. 🙂

  3. I can tell you are organized! But being organized in a restaurant kitchen you truly need to know where things are, and everything in it’s place for production.if you are working with someone and they hide your ingredient for a certain dish, it makes you crazy!

  4. I’m sorry… I didn’t realise you were going to blog about me!! Seriously though, I am very similar. The more chaotic things around me get the more muddled my mind gets. I need order to be able to focus. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well your tulips are absolutely gorgeous and I think that many good things come from being organised (and) from letting go of those plans when (it might) not all go to plan. It must be the day for gardening because I spent the day foraging at my folks too 🙂 hope the rest of your weekend was well too and sans hail…

    • Thank you so much, giaff 🙂 It’s good to be reminded that sometimes having the flexibility to let go of plans is more valuable than the plans themselves 😉 I’m glad you got garden time in this weekend too- so much fun!!

    • Thanks, Shira 😀 It’s my first spring at this place and the only tulip that I seem to have… quite a treat! I definitely will add a few more bulbs for next year 😉

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