There’s something amok with this sponge cake

Cake week started yesterday in class and my primary duty was making Le GΓ©noise, or sponge cake. And there was definitely something amok with my sponge cake. This happens to be a line from the movie Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, that I completely adore due to it’s semi-mindless-but-nonetheless-brilliant humor.

But back to the dreadful sponge cake… it rose with reasonable height in the oven, browned as it should, and actually looked quite nice until I removed it from the pan. The top third was light, airy and golden brown. The rest of the cake, however, was dense and totally egg-ridden with the consistency of the sole of your favorite pair of Tevas. Amok. To be sure.

And looking back over the recipe I realized at least one rookie mistake: in my haste I misread 12 ounces of whole eggs as 12 whole eggs (which would likely be fairly close) and 6 ounces of yolks as 6 yolks. Six ounces of yolks is closer to ten or twelve yolks than six. Big oops!

But the upside is that I’ll get to go in early today and give this sponge cake another crack. And then the fun begins of assembling all the various cake preparations and icings we made yesterday.

So I’m off. And hopefully there will be nothing amok with this sponge cake…


17 thoughts on “There’s something amok with this sponge cake

  1. It’s amazing how easily these mistakes can be done – I for one have made similar errors far too many times than is forgivable. Lovely photos at the very least πŸ™‚

  2. ahhh.. Yes. Sponge cakes are tricky business! I’ve had my share of sponge cake failures! But mistakes are great because you learn from them anyways! hehe.. Took me a couple sponge failures to be somewhat… decent? hahaha..

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