Last Stop World Cuisine: India

Our culinary whirlwind world tour has reached a necessary end as we turn our focus to farm-to-table topics such as canning and preserving as well as practice for final examinations.

But thankfully a last stop in India gave us a chance to play with curries and lentils, lamb and naan…

Samosas in both vegetarian and ground lamb versions, with a crispiness that only a deep fryer can lend… I’m not generally a deep-fried kind of gal, but the filling flavors in these were perfect.

Lentil curry with a side of yogurt-based cucumber raita… I adore the refreshing flavor of a cucumber paired with savory healthy lentils.

Lamb vindaloo with its rich spiciness and our grill-top version of chicken tandoori:

More lentils made their way into Masoor dal…

And no Indian feast or everyday dinner could respect itself without naan. Our oven-stone version wasn’t entirely authentic, but it was as close as a Colorado kitchen could get without a tandoor. Caramelized onion (above) and garlic/parsley versions:

Thank you for the company on our little world tour~


26 thoughts on “Last Stop World Cuisine: India

  1. I’d love to try doing naan some time. But again, you missed out on a chance to cook goat! It always seems so bony when you get it in restaurants, and I want to know if they just keep all the good cuts for themselves! I was so hoping you would have covered that. But I loved the rest of your meal. So many great foods to try, so little time!

    • Hmmm goat! I bought a few pieces of organic free ranged goat a week or two ago. I am trying to find something amazing to do with the four little chops I got. (3 chops = 500 g = $15 Aust – its not cheap so I want something special. Suggestions?)

    • The naan tasted good and looked nice, but the texture was a little off. Darn American ovens that only get to 550F 🙂 And yes, we keep missing out on the goat. From everything I read and learn, they’re pretty tough overall. Let me know if you learn more food goat news 😉

  2. Hey Deb, looks like my late night Saturday beer cravings have been satisfied! We’re very lucky here to have an amazing Indian/Pakistani restaurant just down the road (perhaps a little too lucky!) lol

    I think I’d definitely prefer what’s here though, I love samosa! How exciting (I just) glimpsed your countdown 1 month to go!!! It must be great to reflect on everything you’ve learnt 🙂

    • I’m with you on loving Indian/Nepalese/Pakistani cuisine! Must admit I’ve sure eaten much more of it than I’ve attempted to cook. Seven weeks left… I can’t believe it. 🙂

  3. Huge fan of Indian cuisine here!! Half my co-workers are East Indian and have taught me all there is to know about it! 😀 yummm. Your samosas are perfect! And so is everything else! Great job!

  4. Deb your food looked fit for a King! I love Indian cuisine. I wished I prepared more Indian food… but I have a dear friend who is from India and I always fill up at her house. 🙂

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