Popcorn kind of Sunday

It might seem strange to think that I’ve prepared osso bucco but I’ve never actually cooked popcorn on the stove. There it is. In writing. And without Shira’s blog inspiration, I very well might have made it another mere seven weeks and graduated from culinary school only having executed the (somewhat taboo in the profession kitchen) microwave version.

That said, I did make ‘popcorn’ on the stove out of amaranth in class once. I suppose it would be pop-amaranth, but that just sounds funny. Amaranth is a tiny grain, about the size of a poppy seed. With a little salt and, of course, butter, it was quite fantastic eaten with a spoon. But back to the popcorn.

It’s a rainy Sunday evening at the end of what’s been a ‘me’ weekend, and popcorn is in order. And sure enough, it seems a brighter shade of white and has a deeper taste of grain than it’s push-button counterpart. My only regret in the process is that I should have made more. Four cups popped sounded reasonable for one…

Sometimes we need a little break from the rest of the world- or at least I do… occasionally. And this weekend has been completely perfect.Β Farmers’ Market on Saturday was every bit the treat I anticipated. I left with a few more heirloom tomato seedlings, several three-inch-tall nasturtiums, a camera satisfied to have found root vegetables in a myriad of colors, and a little sun on my shoulders.

Several sweaty workouts- much needed- squeezed their way into the agenda; and I was fortunate to spent Saturday evening with a wonderful friend visiting town.

And I have literally scheduled an hour to read for fun tonight. I just may have to pop another batch…


10 thoughts on “Popcorn kind of Sunday

  1. Perfect! It sounds like the perfect weekend to me. I’m (secretly) a fan of the microwave stuff but I remember making popcorn the old-fashioned-way when I was a kid. Looking forward to seeing those heirloom varieties once they grow and no doubt you have something exciting planned for the root veg. Glad you got some ‘me’ time in too πŸ™‚

    • Your girl weekend sure didn’t sound bad either! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the somewhat finicky heirlooms alive- I’ll post pics and recipes for sure. Oh the root veg- bunches of onions, parsnips; radishes in red white and pink… I’m in love with them πŸ™‚ WIll definitely get those up and running soon too.

  2. Your title cracked me up! My family always had “Popcorn and With-It” for dinner on Sundays. After my mom made a large family meal after church, my dad would pop popcorn for dinner. We would get to have popcorn and whatever we could find in the fridge to go “with-it”! Everyone in my family looked forward to it, and sometimes, I still wish I could have popcorn for dinner. (My husband thinks this is in no way a satisfying meal!) πŸ™‚

    • Kristin- I love that!! Popcorn and ‘with-it’ is brilliant! I could completely make a meal of it too, but I understand that your husband may not agree ;). My Maman had a similar Sunday ritual- a huge midday meal after church, but then the evening meal was usually pancakes- quick and cheap πŸ™‚ We frequently had clean-out-the-fridge nights as well, but we were missing the all important popcorn ingredient πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading. I miss you guys so much. Going to be able to teach (or at least sub) again so I now have a free gym membership- took a pump class yesterday for the first time since December. Light weight and still really sore… I almost cried during shoulders because I was so happy to be back πŸ˜€

  3. There certainly are “popcorn days”! I’m glad you enjoyed one. I always pop popcorn in a frying pan, which seems to work best for me–covered, of course! And I don’t have a microwave, so that’s out of the question. πŸ˜‰

  4. I think that popcorn dinner sounds like fun! Hooray for skipping the microwave popcorn – there is nothing good for you about that stuff. I’ve been lazy and used the hot air popper lately, but I think I should do a pot on the stove just to compare. And I’ll make sure to make way too much!

    • Yes- heehee… make more than you think you’ll want πŸ˜‰ Just scrolling back through this post to get to the comments has made me want some more. This might have been a dangerous post! Let me know when you compare- I don’t have a hot air popper but I’m curious.

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