Vermont Inspired Dinner for Twenty

Just as my ‘team’ in class had the fun of serving friends and family our rustic Italian inspired meal a couple weeks ago, the other half of class decided on an all-American dinner… with a little extra Vermont maple and white cheddar tossed in the mix.

We prepared most of the menu as a class, but when dining time rolled around, my team was able to sit and be served… quite a treat, actually! And the fuel for a leisurely natural light photo shoot. So enjoy a little home cookin’…culinary student style.

Amuse bouche to awake the palate: fried goat cheese round with balsamic reduction and citrus tossed micro greens…

Spinach salad with maple bacon balsamic dressing served in an asiago cheese bowl, and chilled vichyssoise with parsley puree and roasted red pepper oil…

A pork loin was given the royal rolled-up treatment: spinach, caramelized onions, tart green apples, and andouille sausage. Grilled spring asparagus, crispy onions and smashed red-skin potatoes… andΒ cheddar jalapeΓ±o focaccia in the background…

Classic homestyle strawberry shortcake underwent an adult makeover:Β savory buttermilk biscuit topped with a compote of strawberry, maple, and orange liqueur… and whipped almond chantilly cream.

Two of my neighbors were sweet enough to keep me company and be my dinner guests. And if miles would permit… I’d set each of you a spot. Perhaps next time around~


33 thoughts on “Vermont Inspired Dinner for Twenty

  1. Definitely another mouth watering post, lucky I have my sandwich here to keep me company otherwise I’d be starving! I loved the look of the pork loin, from the jus and the textures of the crisp vegetables on top. Beautiful photos too, good light makes all the difference in the end!

    • Thank you so much. I always turn to your photos to inspire. Natural light is lovely πŸ™‚ Glad you had a sandwich… it’s my bedtime, but now I’m hungry just posting it 😦

    • Darn that living in California! The Husband wouldn’t have had to kill anything… not even the pig 😦 I’d definitely share. But you could whip this one up in no time for him, tks πŸ˜€

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