Last Stop World Cuisine: India

Our culinary whirlwind world tour has reached a necessary end as we turn our focus to farm-to-table topics such as canning and preserving as well as practice for final examinations.

But thankfully a last stop in India gave us a chance to play with curries and lentils, lamb and naan…

Samosas in both vegetarian and ground lamb versions, with a crispiness that only a deep fryer can lend… I’m not generally a deep-fried kind of gal, but the filling flavors in these were perfect.

Lentil curry with a side of yogurt-based cucumber raita… I adore the refreshing flavor of a cucumber paired with savory healthy lentils.

Lamb vindaloo with its rich spiciness and our grill-top version of chicken tandoori:

More lentils made their way into Masoor dal…

And no Indian feast or everyday dinner could respect itself without naan. Our oven-stone version wasn’t entirely authentic, but it was as close as a Colorado kitchen could get without a tandoor. Caramelized onion (above) and garlic/parsley versions:

Thank you for the company on our little world tour~